Have #ocsb students been asked to declare jihad?

CARFLEO continues to whitewash Islam. I have previously written about their material in Grade 11 “World Religions”

Here is some material that says that there is only ONE definition of Jihad (struggle to make oneself a better Muslim, good works) and that Catholic students should make jihad




CARFLEO which has trouble recognizing that there IS one central authority in Catholicism, has no trouble pushing the false belief that there IS a central authority in Islam and that they can authoritatively define Jihad.

In fact, large portions of Muslims DO believe that Jihad includes violence. Some surveys show 20% or more (with significant numbers of North American muslims,


OCSB students will be unable to fully understand the threat that violent Islam poses to Canada as they declare their own Jihad as an “exit ticket” from their course on Islam

PS: the last 45 seconds of the video on Jihad is on another subject – positive story of the pro-gay agenda of having gay activists as leaders in Boy Scouts.


One thought on “Have #ocsb students been asked to declare jihad?”

  1. Ths is outrageous. A Grade 11 texbook in our Catholic schools asking students to define “their jihad.” It is wrong on so many levels. Keep exposing this nonsense, please.


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