#OCSB wrongly teaches history of Galileo in Western Civ class

When Catholic high school teach History in Ontario, they use government approved secular textbooks that are identical to public schools.

Result: students wrongly learn about Galileo and are likely to naively believe the crazy info that Obama now says about the Crusades and the Inquisition


Here is some files from the Grade 12 History class taught at Mother Teresa:



True Catholic schools would use the works of Historian Christopher Dawson for the truth about the middle ages!


and use the these textbooks:


catholic textbook

The following powerpoint notes from secular publisher Holt Rinehart and Winston  (below) WRONGLY teach that Galileo was tried for his belief of heliocentrism – impossible given that Copernicus was a Catholic priest in good standing!

The truth about Galileo:




ScientificRevoltuion <— Powerpoint from McCloskey’s class. See CHY4U website

There is lots of more wrong with the textbook and notes from above (eg. the French revolution)

I have also looked at Grade 11 course which covers pre-1500 material – it also looks like a quick way to get your child to leave the Church!

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