#OCSB pushing “Mindfulness” from Zen Buddhism

From the Board that brought students Breathing from Ravi Shankar and Yoga in Chapels, now comes Mindfulness (from Zen Buddhism):

mindfulness1 Mindfulness2I wonder how full of “Mindfulness” Superintendent Atkinson was when he over-ruled St George’s Principal Ann Beauchamp and allowed the LGBT Agenda to move forward into a JK-Gr 6 school??

Of course, there are numerous warnings against things like Mindfulness from Pope John Paull II on down


Saint Pope John Paul II:

For this reason it is not inappropriate to caution those Christians who enthusiastically welcome certain ideas originating in the religious traditions of the Far East—for example, techniques and methods of meditation and ascetical practice. In some quarters these have become fashionable, and are accepted rather uncritically. First one should know one’s own spiritual heritage well and consider whether it is right to set it aside lightly. Here we need to recall, if only in passing, the brief but important document of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith “on certain aspects of Christian meditation” (10/15/1989). Here we find a clear answer to the question “whether and how [Christian prayer] can be enriched by methods of meditation originating in different religions and cultures”.





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