CARFLEO and “Evolutionary Change” – How does this influence #OCSB ?

I will have more OCSB-specific posts in the next few weeks.

But it is important to keep and eye on CARFLEO – this is the group that all the OCSB “Religion Teachers” belong to.

CARFLEO supports the work of Carter Phipps: take the many bad parts of de Chardin and put it on steroids:

evolutionary CARFLEO

Carter Phipps was the editor of “ElightenNext”:

Lesbian United Church Ministers love Carter Phipps! Here is Pastor Dawn’s comments on him:

Inspired by Matthew Fox’s “Original Blessing”, I have long since given up on the medieval doctrine of original sin and moved beyond the atonement theologies that rely on our need to be saved by a “Father God”.  Like many progressive Christians, rather than describing the human condition as sinful or broken, I understand humanity to be incomplete and still evolving. We did not fall from grace in some mythical garden. Humanity, like all of the cosmos continues to evolve. The idea of evolution has all sorts of implications not only for how we see ourselves as human beings, here and know. As we continue to evolve, the determination of who or what humanity becomes requires that we take seriously our role as co-creators not with some grand-puppetier-god-in-the-sky. But as co-creators with a God who is in all and through all. 

The emerging conversation between scientists, theologians, and philosophers makes the question “Do you believe in the bible or do you believe in evolution?” obsolete. The conversations between disciplines are giving birth to a new spirituality. Evolutionary Christianity is emerging. Evolutionary thinkers are developing new theologies that take seriously God’s presence in all things through Christ. 

After having spent a week, exploring the work of Teilhard de Chardin; an evolutionary thinker who was decades ahead of his time, I am eagerly devouring my copy of Phipps new book”


Teilhard de Chardin was bad enough in so many ways (see: ), but Phipps and gang are nuts!


In this workshop with Gertie Jocksch SC DMin, we’ll reflect on the insights offered by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ilia Delio, Andrew Cohen, Carter Phipps, Teilhard de Chardin and other evolutionary pioneers and poet-mystics. Emphasis is placed on contemplating “what is real” for us in these insights and what it means to grow the field of conscious evolution.


Gertie Jocksch is a Sister of Charity of Halifax. She holds a Masters of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry. Gertie’s worked as Director of Field Education at RegisCollege, Campus Ministry, and as Director of Graduate Theology Programs at St. Mark’s College in Vancouver. Gertie’s concern and care for Mother Earth moved her to the development of the Centre for Earth and Spirit, and she now works with The Living Language Institute Foundation developing Programs in Earth Literacies and facilitating programs. Gertie also teaches in the area of Ecotheology and Ecofeminism.

Keep an eye for these folks (esp the Canadian Catholic nuns):

How much of this “Evolutionary Christianity” is being taught in OCSB Religion classes?

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