Is the #OCSB “devastated” by Pope F. upholding #Catholic teaching against Birth Control?

Or will they just ignore him? After all, he is their favourite Pope since, well, the mythical Pope Joan. Here is another liberal that is “devastated”

“The news that Pope Francis has strongly defended the Church’s ban on artificial birth control left me, in a word, devastated”


When one sends a child to the OCSB, the OCSB gets $12000 more dollars to pay for things like free abortafacient Pills for staff.

Here is the OCSB stance on Birth Control:

In their reply to the ratepayer, they appear to have fundamental misunderstanding of the Pill. They think NFP is quaint thing for some Catholics, sort of like not eating meat on Fridays. In fact, the Pill against Natural Law, ie. it is wrong for all people, all the time. OCSB thinks they have moral obligation to provide free Birth Control to non-Catholic staff. In fact, they have moral obligation to NOT provide birth control to folks. As an analogy, if government OHIP stopped paying for abortions (it should, because abortion are “choice” and therefore “elective” surgery), would the OCSB Benefits Plan step in and pay for them for non-Catholic staff?

The point that OCSB Superintendent makes about doctor-patient privacy is totally bogus as they don’t seem worried about that at all when it comes to free Viagra for impotence! The following statement is the more bizarre, illogical statement I have read in a long time!

the fact that the current practice does allow Catholic employees to not submit or request coverage for any area that may be counter to their personal or religious views, while allowing others who do not share similar views to submit their claims as per current practice.”

What? The plan is great because it allows Catholics to NOT submit claims for birth control?

thepillocsb viagra



By the way, Superintendent Tom D’Amico made $182,000 in 2013 (which translates into annual pension of maybe $120,000/yr). This might make him a “Professional Catholic” –

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