Will the Genderbread Army be welcomed at the #OCSB ?

Before I begin this post on trans issues, it might be good to read the following as well as yesterday’s post on Mandatory Sex-Ed from Wynne/BenLevin.


Genderbread People have now moved from Toronto TDSB to Ottawa OCDSB. (Hopewell School in Old Ottawa South)

H/T http://www.subwaytodamascus.com/2015/01/hopewell-avenue-elementary-school-in.html


The letter written by the mother references a lot of things that the OCSB subscribes to: OPHEA, Equity and Inclusive Education. In fact, an almost identical letter could be written by St George’s GSA Activist Mom, Ann Maloney:


The EIE (Equity and Inclusive Education) policies of the OCSB and OCDSB boards are VERY similar. Both are big fans of the OHRC (Ontario Human Rights Commission)

Ontario Equity Strategy
Ontario EIE Document


OCSB Equity and Inclusive Education
OCSB Equity and Inclusive Education

ocsb ohrc2

"Gay Rights are a human right" (OCSB quoting OHRC)
“Gay Rights are a human right” (OCSB quoting OHRC)

The OHRC are big into Gender bending topics:




The OCSB has a bit of a history of supporting trans issues. See the trans sign up at All Saints:

All Saints transgender logo

As well, the OCSB bullying app transfers children to the Kids Help Line:


“The app will correspond with specific schools, Atkinson said. A phone or text message goes to a service centre, where an operator reviews the information and replies with “a limited set of agreed upon responses,” he said, such as asking questions to get more details, telling someone who’s thinking about harmful behaviour to call 911, and offering to patch the complainant through to the Kids Help Phone”

Of course the Kids Help Phone uses the Genderbread Model to “help” kids!


Kids Help Line Genderbread World!
Kids Help Line Genderbread World!

The OECTA-funded EGALE Canada is also into the GenderBread


Also, Ontario Teachers Federation (OECTA is a member)

Ontario Teachers Federation (OECTA is a member)
Ontario Teachers Federation (OECTA is a member)

The BIG Questions:

So, will OCSB teachers be using the Genderbread Person as part of the new MANDATORY sex-ed curriculum this fall?

Will GSAs in High Schools and Elementary schools be using it?

Are some “progressive” teachers already using it?

Has the Board’s “Who am I to judge” and “Gay rights are human rights” (from the OHRC) given cover to all sorts of more things like Gender-bread models for OCSB elementary children?

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One thought on “Will the Genderbread Army be welcomed at the #OCSB ?”

  1. For Completeness:

    one important quotation from the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, Section 224:

    “Faced with theories that consider gender identity as merely the cultural and social product of the interaction between the community and the individual, independent of personal sexual identity without any reference to the true meaning of sexuality, the church does not tire of repeating her teaching: everyone, man and woman, should acknowledge and accept his sexual identity.

    Physical, moral and spiritual difference and complementarities are oriented towards the good of marriage and the flourishing of family life. The harmony of the couple and of society depends in part on the way in which the complementarities, needs and mutual support between the sexes are lived out. According to this perspective, it is obligatory that positive law be conformed to natural law, according to which sexual identity is indispensable, because it is the objective condition for forming a couple in marriage.”


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