#ocsb Sacred Heart Stittsville promoting camp run by gay activists

Last May (2014), Sacred Heart had the following in their daily announcements. I suspect it will be in again this spring to lure students to Camp Micah

: is a one
week leadership camp for social
justice and peace held every August near beautiful
Bancroft, Ontario. Founded in 2009, the camp is led by a
staff of young adults, teachers, ministers, school chaplains
and peace educators with many years of experience
working with youth and developing leadership programs.
Coming from different Christian traditions (including
Catholic, Mennonite and United Church), the Camp staff
shares a common passion for living out the call to
leadership for peace and social justice. Check out
www.campmicah.ca for more information including a YouTube video

Of course CARFLEO is a big fan of Camp Micah too:


micah3 micah2

Looks like Sacred Heart  may have been advertising the camp for a few years. Here is an article by John Curry (who also happens to be an OCSB trustee) about a girl from Sacred Heart in 2011 going to Camp Micah

Camp micah1

This article from Lifesite has the REAL SCOOP on Camp Micah:



The name Catherine Cavanagh popped up in a previous post of mine for her hard-core anti-Israel teaching to children in Brockville Catholic high school. In her script, there is not even a mention of the 800,000 Jews expelled from Arab lands.

and she says that in 1967 the Israelis INITIATED the war!!

http://www.artistsplayground.ca/jpn.html (see the Bob Holmes connection too. He is also Camp Micah staff)

cavanagh2 cavanagh1


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