Grade 11 World Religions course – Islam

Imagine getting children to compare Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to Mohammed, a warrior who married a 9 yr old! Imagine calling Mohammed an egalitarian and visionary!

Imagine teaching a unit on Islam and focussing a lot on MalcolmX and Sufis and failing to mention Saudi Wahhabism ONCE! 80% of US mosques are Wahhabi funded:

Jesus Mohammed Comparison

Let’s review what is taught about Islam in the World Religions Course?

It appears to be a total whitewash of Islam! No wonder some OCSB students convert to Islam.

Islam 4

In In In

“OpenIslam.doc” you will see that the students must
prepare and participate in an Islamic prayer service, well a “Christian prayer service in the Muslim tradition”. What the heck does that even mean?

“Students will participate in a student lead, interfaith Christian
prayer service in the form of Muslim tradition, focusing on the
improving relationships between Christians and Muslims”

Appendix 4.13 Planning a Liturgy Checklist shows that is NOT a
Christian prayer service: “We included references to the God/ gods of
the religion we are studying, using appropriate names/ pronouns for
that God/ gods ”

They also compare Muhammed and Jesus (both favourably)
Appendix 4.2 Comparison Chart: Muhammad and Jesus

Since OCSB teachers don’t publish their lessons plans (afraid?), I had to go to the Waterloo Catholic website). There is an example presentation by a Waterloo Catholic Teacher (attached as
Islam.ppt). She calls Muhammed a: Visionary, Preacher, Political
Leader, and Egalitarian.
She justifies polygamy (“the man must treat all four women justly”)
and the niqab/burka because western women must be oppressed because of
they have eating disorders!

Is this a fair/balanced view of Islam or a whitewash?

Another WCDSB teacher , Mrs Coates at St David’s Gr 11 World Religion also presents an only-positive review of Islam:

In the CARFLEO resources, they say: Jihad is “At this point Jihad is
introduced, recognizing its true meaning as a personal and communal
struggle for righteousness”

However, CARFLEO accidently (?) lists a link as a resource for students to use (since Taken down)

This website is actually a Muslim Brotherhood front group!!


To quote: “The verses of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Muhammad (PBUH)
are overflowing with all these noble ideals and they summon people in
general (with the most eloquent expression and the clearest
exposition) to jihad, to warfare, to the armed forces, and all means
of land and sea fighting.”


CARFLEO likes the following resource on Islamic History which is remarkably pro-Islam biased.


There also is  strong bias towards Malcolm X, calling him a MAJOR figure in Islam!


These are relevant documents to download:




Islam  <– Powerpoint

11MOverview – CARFLEO World Religion Doc

Islam Mrs Coates St David’s WCDSB <–Powerpoint

islam3 islam2 islam1 Liturgy Islam  interfaith

Update: Looks like World Religions Class at Bishop Smith High School In Pembroke (Renfrew Catholic Board) is made up henna and yoga (see the Hindu post I did)


7 thoughts on “Grade 11 World Religions course – Islam”

  1. Time to wake up Archbishop Prendergast! Is the OCSB your ally or do they undermine your ministry? In a Catholic school other religions should be contrasted to Catholicism showing how other religions fall short. Is that what the grade 11 world religion course does?


  2. Yes, the energy that is put into teaching of Islam is astounding. What is presented is sanatized pulp. Nothing at all, about the dark side, that is in the very DNA of Islam. Muhammed is made out to be some one who could join Barney the Dinosaur on PBS.
    This has been going on for over forty years. These teachers know nothing else.

    And all the while many perceptive Muslims look upon these Catholic educators as useful idiots.

    Good to see someone bringing this out. I hope educators in Ottawa and elsewhere begin to take notice.

    Keep up these good posts. Much appreciated.


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