Grade 11 World Religions – CARFLEO and Hinduism

What is taught in World Religions classes in Ontario Catholic schools??

“In the Hinduism section of Unit 5 we focus on the Paths of Salvation also called the 4 types of yoga. Raja yoga specifically practicing hatha yoga (physical postures) for a week in the chapel (or even throughout the rest of the semester) is a fun and highly beneficial way to help students understand the concept of mind, body, spirit balance”

Wait a second… hindu yoga in chapel at Catholic schools?? And I thought yoga was just “stretching”!


Also this link about the Christ-Krishna!

“This site provides interesting information and history that can be used for lesson planning on world religions. What is even more interesting is the Christ-Krishna (both second persons of the Christian-Hindu trinity) linkage and similarities that will surely peak the interest of any scholar. The contents include introduction to Hinduism and Early History, and questions on whether and if there a Christ-Krishna linkage. It also lists the similarities between Krishna and Christ and queries whether details from Jesus’ life were copied from legends about Krishna. This site also features the origins of how and why Christian-Hindu conflicts began in India. –Cecilia DeMello


9 thoughts on “Grade 11 World Religions – CARFLEO and Hinduism”

    1. OCSB is in Ottawa. The Archbishop of Toronto does not have authority in Ottawa. Has Archbishop Prendergast given a nihil obstat for making students dabble in Hinduism? I would be very surprised if he did. Any bishop that would needs to be reported to the Holy See.


      1. Can. 827 §1 Without prejudice to the provisions of can. 775 §2, the publication of catechisms and other writings pertaining to catechetical formation, as well as their translations, requires the approval of the local Ordinary.

        §2 Books dealing with matters concerning sacred Scripture, theology, canon law, church history, or religious or moral subjects may not be used as textbooks on which the instruction is based, in elementary, intermediate or higher schools, unless they were published with the approbation of the competent ecclesiastical authority or were subsequently approved by that authority.

        §3 It is recommended that books dealing with the subjects mentioned in §2, even though not used as basic textbooks, and any writings which specially concern religion or good morals, be submitted to the judgement of the local Ordinary.


  1. It is one thing to learn about other religions, but it is another thing altogether to lead students in practicing other religions. There is no yoga without Hinduism. And there is no good Hindu that does not practice yoga. Of course there are Hindus that are negligent in their practice of yoga, just as there are Catholics who are negligent about assisting at Sunday Mass, but they are not ‘good’ Hindus or ‘good’ Catholics. Do they bring out some incense to burn on an altar dedicated to some pagan fertility god? Think about the martyrs OCSB! Stop making a mockery of Catholicism and stop leading students into apostasy! With courses like this it is no surprise that 99% of OCSB grads do not go to Sunday Mass. They don’t teach them all the fascinating truths of Catholicism but they get them all excited about all sorts of fascinating things of deficient and false religions.


    1. Your points are very well taken! I strongly suspect that their are more OCSB graduates (particularly women) at the local Yoga studio than at mass on a Sunday morning! I live down the street from a yoga place and see so many walking there on a Sunday morning with their yoga mats. Meanwhile, I am off to mass!

      See my post on the teaching of Islam in the World Religions course!


  2. At least two Catholic school boards in Ontario have, for Muslim students, set aside a room, as a mini-mosque (prayer room). Imagine that, a Catholic school board being a purveyor of Islam. Sooner a later (and this will happen), some Catholic students will become Muslim and those “prayer rooms” will be the near occasion moving them in that direction. Now imagine that, a Catholic school board being a purveyor of apostasy. But, who are we to judge? What happens when some Hindu students request that a room be set aside for Hindu worship, or Baptist students a bible study room? How do these, or any school board, say no? Religious indifferentism and false irenicism rule the day. Bishops, sunning themselves, on their episcopal lily pads, do nothing, year in year out, now generation in generation out.


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