OCSB popular with Saudi diplomats in Canada!

The OCSB is using our $$ to run the Family Welcome Centre. That is great! But why are they using it to enrol Grade 7s (remember, only high schools are “equal access” to non Catholic) from Saudi Arabia?

Officially, the Board says this:


but since so many catholic families are contracepting, the OCSB is now reaching out to Saudi Wahhabi Muslim families




If you have been wondering why there are so many more ads from OCSB
(Billboards, web, newspapers etc) for kindergarten and French immersion etc

Budget in 2012/13 was $129K
Budget in 2014/15 was $259K.


They will say that they are reaching out to Catholics, but they reach
out to anybody they can find!! I guess they non-Catholics students in
elementary schools that aren’t full (eg. Saudis)

All the Boards using $$ to fight each other!



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