Other smaller questions re: St George’s

St George’s Gay <– pdf of emails

1)  On page 3: what is the “beautiful and specific language” that Jan Bentham has around this issue? Hanlon refers to it

2) Why is Fred Chrystal, the Superintendent of Facilities (ie. buildings etc etc) SO involved with all the meetings and emails? Building maintenance is an important job, but is he a Catholic moral philosopher or something??

3) How involved was the “Local Ministry Officer” in all this? (page 13). How much does the LMO really run the Board? How much pressure in this situation?

4) All the blacked-out names are non-Board employees. Who ghost-wrote Mr Hurley’s “who am I to judge” email? Who attended the capitulation meeting on the Friday morning along with Hanlon/Hurley/Chrystal (page 7)?

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