HOT NEWS! OCSB St George’s Gay “Rights”

St George’s Gay  <– See this pdf of emails!!!!!!!!


A Freedom of Info request on all internal OCSB emails to/from/cc OCSB Director Hanlon about St George’s school turns up some interesting information. 150 pages were returned and almost all those were media clippings etc. See pdf above of the most important emails!

1) From Wed Nov 27 to Fri Nov 29, the OCSB appeared to be in panic mode with obsessive monitoring of media and social media.

2) Within 48 hours (ie Fri morning), they decided to capitulate. The key meeting was Friday morning with Hanlon, Hurley, and a couple of others. (page 7) The OCSB LOVES blacking out names!

3) OCSB Communications manager Mardi de Kemp actually strongly recommended against backing down and thought they could outlast the media storm (page 6)

4) There were NO emails discussing what was best for the children, or what the Church teaches. Virtually all emails were media-centric

5) Chairman Hurley did NOT write the public statements attributed to him. The OCSB has blacked-out the author’s name. He had second thoughts about whether the “Who am to Judge” quote should go in. One can only speculate why he questioned whether it should go in. Perhaps, it was because Cardinal George said this quote has usually been misused. The Pope was answering the question about a now-celibate gay priest who has repented and asked for forgiveness, not a generic comment about homosexuals. In fact, several months after this quote, Pope Francis excommunicated an Australian priest for supporting gay marriage and woman’s ordination:

A public relations type reason is given to Mr Hurley and he agrees with the inclusion within 120 seconds from his iphone (page 8).

Voters in Kanata (he is going for the Conservative nomination) may have further questions about this for Mr Hurley. Given that Mr Hurley is also the Director of Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese, this letter is especially egregious.

This letter from Hurley gave Hanlon, Atkinson and the rest of the Board the necessary cover to order the Principal to stand-down and relent to the parents.

6) After the Friday meeting, Director Hanlon tells Superintendent Atkinson to tell the news to the Principal. Phrases like “wheels were falling off” and “damage control mode” and “skating around the issue” are used (page 11). So, top down orders came down to the Principal.

Interestingly, they still seem to support her about gay marriage, so GAY MARRIAGE appears to be still OUT as an issue that can be presented by the girls! This is BIG news!!!!!

7) On the day of the meeting, it looks like the first email describing the meeting with parents came from the Director (a non-attendee) to an attendee (Peter Atkinson). Weird. OCSB was desperate for an agreement. Strangely, the summary of the meeting changes from being about “gay rights as it pertains to bullying” to studying how the topic of gay rights is addressed by an unnamed Catholic high school club (page 17). If the club is anything like St Peter’s Love is Louder or All Saints’ Rethink Hate then a VERY non-Catholic view of gay rights will be presented by the girls! As I have show in other posts, these are hard-core pro-gay organizations with similar outlooks to Jer’s Vision.

8) Another couple of wrinkles about what the girls will be able to present

  1. a) on page 21, Hanlon talks about gay rights as it has to do with the OHRC. However, the OHRC has used sexual orientation discrimination to allow for gays adopting children (a big NO-NO in Catholic morality – children have a right to a Mother and a Dad )
  1. b) the presentations will be reviewed for content and age-appropriateness by the teacher. Isn’t that what the first press release said? However, two days after the first press release all that language was thrown out and it was “Who am I to Judge?” and “Gay rights are human rights”. TOTALLY different message.

To summarize, the media storm caused the OCSB to back-track within 48hours. Looking good in media seemed more important to the OCSB than what is ACTUALLY best for children or trying to actually be a CATHOLIC Board. The internal emails were shockingly shallow for people being paid so much money.

Gay marriage remains OUT, but other gay “rights” like gay adoption (OHRC) remain in. As the CIA has an operative in St George’s willing to snap a picture, we will soon find out to what morality the other students will be exposed.

Other media storms may be quite successful in getting the Board to back down on moral issues. Things could get interesting later this year when the new Wynne/BenLevin sex-ed curriculum comes down from the province.

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