How faithful to the Church are the OCSB “Chaplains”

I have previously written about chaplains who are involved in hard-core GSA gay activist groups (SPKLoveisLouder) and “chaplains” who are into “yogic philosophy”. Here are some more examples:
Example 1: NDHS chaplain promotes pro-abort Plan Canada and gets children to sign a pledge to them
Example 2: Nun/OCSB “Chaplain” using OCSB to raise funds for FMLN party in El Salvador
Example 3: John Dear
Chaplains LOVE John Dear.. but he is an example of someone who has lost his way. He was expelled by the Jesuit order after this conference that the chaplains were so excited about!
Tweets from Last yr from All Saints High and St Peter’s chaplains:

Back from an amazing retreat experience with my colleagues. Heard Fr. John Dear, SJ speak – inspirational! #johndear

to meet and chill with Nobel Peace prize nominee John Dear; an amazing Catholic pacifist and witness to the Gospel (and a fun guy too!)

The catholic schools chaplains conference in 2013 was called “Holy
Mischief”. It is mischief on our children, and it is NOT Holy!

They have 2 main speakers: Fr John Dear SJ and Michael Dallaire.
Dallaire is a former Ottawa catholic school chaplain and a former
parishioner of, of course, St Joe’s! He lives in Vancouver now

1. John Dear
They will have dissident Fr John Dear (Call to Action, etc) as their
KEYNOTE speaker.

John Dear: “Sooner or later, whether in ten years or one hundred, the
Church will ordain women, allow clergy to marry, permit local
communities to elect bishops, welcome gays and lesbians and respect
other religions. The tide of history cannot be stopped.”

2. Michael Dallaire

His thesis is 170 pages of gobbly-gook quoting Marxist Freire, Thomas
Berry, Thomas Groome, Matthew Fox (ex Catholic priest, now Anglican
“rave mass” nut), Chistister, etc.

His most recent book is also gobbly-gook.



JohnDear creedJohnDear creed


Read how shockingly anti-Israel the activity at St Mary’s high school in Brockville was. There are glowing references to John Dear at CSCO conference at top of page:


Palestine Solidarity Program

An outline of a program used at St. Mary’s High School in Brockville, Ontario, to raise awareness about Palestine”

One thought on “How faithful to the Church are the OCSB “Chaplains””

  1. Vatican II introduced a paradigm shift in the orientation of Catholic life. The new cult of Man largely replaced the cult of God. Gaudium et Spes was a “this world” document. The immediate purpose of the Church has always been the salvation of souls. This orientation was, of course, lost at Vatican II. This shift has been catastrophic for Catholic education. For the 1900 years that brought us into the 1960s, the traditional priorities in Catholic education were: First–Care for the soul; Second–Care for the mind; Third–Care for the body. Very quickly, almost overnight, these priorities were inverted. Care for the body, temporal concerns, social justice, extra curricular activities etc., replaced care for the soul. What is happening among the chaplains in the Ottawa board, and elsewhere, is simply the practical outcome of that paradigm shift fifty years ago. In fairness to many of these chaplains, throughout the province, they don’t know any better. Look at our funerals, which have become, simply opportunities to lionize the life of the decedent rather than to beg God’s mercy on the soul of the decedent. This, of course, is another instance, of care for the body taking precedence over care for the soul.

    In 1966, our venerable Roman Catechism was abrogated. (By default, this abrogation included all the lucid catechetical manuals that had educated Catholic children for generations.) It was not the intent to abrogate its contents, but the practical outcome was, for all intents and purposes, the abrogation of its doctrinal content. One only has to look at the obscurantist slop that pours out of OECTA, ICE and CARFLEO to see the overwhelming success of this abrogation. All three of these organizations lack, and have for decades, descriptive clarity in the teaching of the doctrine of faith and prescriptive/proscriptive clarity where the doctrine of morals, is concerned. Chaplains, even those who are striving to do, what they believe to be the best, easily, without a solid and stable Catholic doxis/praxis, fall prey to the junk found in the links that you provided in this post.


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