OCSB gets a pro-GSA dissident to speak to 3000 teachers

This year’s speaker, Sr Helen Prejean, will be written about in another post.

However, last year, the OCSB payed tens of thousands of dollars to have a CCD “Christian Community Day” at the Congress Center. Their keynote speaker was Mark McGowan of U of T.

He is known for his pro-gay agenda and his support for Bill 13 GSAs.
In fact, he called the Ontario Bishops’ ‘Respecting Differences’
document a document motivated by fear. He also equated the inability
to students to name their clubs “GSA” to the support of the Church for
slavery! In his speech to OECTA, he tries to portray GSAs as mere support groups. They are anything but that. They are activist groups – just read Mygsa.ca

McGowan is also known for the queering of St Mike’s College at U of T and his disdain for Dr Peter Kreeft for merely using the Catechism to answer a question on homosexuality

The disdain the OCSB shows for the “Respecting Differences” document is evidenced by getting such a dissident to speak to all its teachers at a very expensive event! All this in important background to what happened a few weeks ago at St George’s School
Mark McGowan at OECTA Meeting:

“The model used by the trustees in Respecting Difference is
based on the good Samaritan parable — one who acts with
compassion. Yet, when I read in Respecting Difference the reference
to race, body type, ethnicity and culture, I see fear. How much of
that document is motivated by fear and how much by compassion?

Why are LGBT students excluded from peer counseling
and open discussion? The elephant in the room
is GSAs and the government’s Bill 13.

Jesus says, let us go to the “other shore,” which is the
unknown, fearful and chaotic. To live on the frontier of change
— the “other shore” — is terrifying and where it’s hard to avoid
difficult conversations. Following a less traveled road
is what I learned to be necessary.

Respecting diversity means allowing for different
pastoral approaches. Local groups should be allowed to
name themselves. To not allow LGBT students to
name themselves is to live in quiet desperation.

If you expect that things will change overnight, think again.
The Church thinks in centuries, but it will change. Remember
that the Church once condoned slavery and was rocked by the
discovery of North America. But the Church of the catacombs
became the Church of the cathedrals.”

He also insulted Dr Peter Kreeft for using the Catechism to correctly
answer questions on the Church’s position on homosexuality at his talk
at St Michael’s College.


All Saints transgender logo
All Saints GSA (Re Think Hate) and the Transgender Logo for International Day of Pink (organized by Jer’s Vision”)
prochoice JV
Jer’s Vision/Intl Day of Pink” and some of the things they support

Check out what GSAs are REALLY all about in the following powerpoint!


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