OCSB and Questionable Spending of OUR Dollars

Given things like the $50K last year spent on a Gananoque resort in 2013 ( http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/11/19/catholic-school-board-splurges-on-brass ) , it would be interesting to look at the 2014/15 budget.
Also, remember ALL the issues with We Day/Free The Children!
(eg. Kielburger support for Planned Parenthood, etc)
A few highlights:
A) Christian Community Day $65,000 (Shaw Centre: Sr Helen Prejean)
Christian Community day is an annual gathering of the entire Ottawa Catholic School Board community for an adult faith experience ofspiritual development and community building. The costs involve the rental of a large facility, audio-visual requirements, decorations,
copyright costs for music, a stipend for the Archbishop or alternate presider and the keynote presenter. Supply coverage for teachers who assist with music and ambiance, refreshments and guest speaker costs (including travel expenditures) are also part of the total. The total here reflects a significant increase in the cost of the rental of the facility. 
Continue involvement in Me to We/Free the Children Sacred Circle training modules ($9,000).
Functional Area: Student Success Superintendent: Manon Seguin/Simone Oliver
Name of Department/Program or Service: Conference Funding Dept.: 338
Purpose of Department/Program or Service:
To support contractual agreements and terms and conditions with various employee groups in the area of conference funding.
Summary of Initiatives or Activities:
The total budget request for this department is: $192,400
and includes the following major initiatives or activities:
This initiative supports a professional development fund for members of the following employee groups:
A) OECTA/Board 1/3 Conference Fund $40,000
B) Principal/Vice-Principal Association Professional Development $90,000
C) Director’s Conference for Leadership $50,000 (resort in Gananoque?)
D) Director’s Conference for Vice Principals $12,400
Catholic Education Distinctiveness:
Funding for professional development opportunities provide for the continuation of the sacred work of Catholic education.
Building capacity and providing for the needs of all employees strengthens the sense of faith and community.
Student Services Experiential Learning – Student Leadership/ Voice – Peer Assistance Camp, Youth Summit, Me to We, Free the Children,
Take Action Schools, Adobe Youth Voices, Leadership Training and WE Day ($21,500).
All in all, a lot of $$ for conferences and things like resorts and We Day

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