New Age Labyrinth at All Saints OCSB Kanata

Is it coming to a school near you too?
This is how All Saints School describes it. Some “nice words” but also
full of new-agey elements.

All Saints High School recently unveiled a labyrinth outside the
school’s courtyard! The labyrinth, which symbolizes “walking a sacred
path,” is surrounded by gospel values. It is used by many classes for
restorative walking, especially religion classes. In restorative
walking, students walk the labyrinth while reflecting on their
relationships and experiences. With a teacher’s guidance, they restore
their inner self, forgive those who wronged them, and forgive
themselves for actions that may have caused pain to others.
— at All Saints Catholic High School.

If you google labyrinth and restorative walking, you get some crazy
new age stuff

Also, if you google labyrinth and “walking a sacred path”, one gets
Lauren Artress:

The centre of the labyrinth is NOT a Crucifex. It is 4 colours (red,
yellow, white, black). it could repbe from from Ojibwa Teaching:


4 thoughts on “New Age Labyrinth at All Saints OCSB Kanata”

  1. that particular labyrinth is an exact copy of the one inlaid into the floor of Chartres Cathedral, one of several such decorations in medieval Catholic churches. The centre never contained a crucifix — most had no image there at all. It is a sad thing that one can’t even research this feature of medieval architecture without stumbling upon a bunch of New Age garbage that clouds the facts about a very legitimate example of Catholic pilgrimage iconography. In this case it has been marred by the insertion of the Four Directions symbol in the centre — fairly benign, but pagan nonetheless. They could have put symbols of the Four Winds inside or squared around the outside of the labyrinth, and been entirely within the Catholic tradition of cosmology imagery, but they clearly have no such ambitions.


    1. The article states that there is NO proof that the Chartres maze was used for pilgrimage purposes. All the language that ASHigh uses around the maze are tied to New Age ideas from the Anglican Grace Cathedral. The catholicCulture article explains the issues


  2. About ten years ago I approached my school chaplain about his “labyrinth” exercises with the students. I tactfully tried to explain the “New Age” characteristics of it and had him read a reflection (link to document pasted below) on Christianity and the New Age. He was quite miffed at me. This is just another symptom, of an unhinged school system, that is Catholic in name only. I would not allow my classes to attend any labyrinth session.


    1. Thank you Brian for the link! I should know to always consult the CCC. Thanks for the reminder. I too have pulled my students out of “questionable practices” to the moans and groans of our chaplains and colleagues. “As for me and my household… we serve the LORD”!


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